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Top 20 most famous YouTubers in Slovakia

Youtubers record, produce or perform in videos on the social network Youtube. Thanks to the success and monetization of their videos, even Slovak YouTubers have become famous personalities of our show business.

Foreign YouTubers and vloggers are not the only ones who can achieve fame and success. Even outside of their nation of origin, several of the Slovak ones have gained fame.

They produce a variety of videos. The majority of Slovak YouTubers want their work to make their viewers laugh and their day better, although some of them discuss more serious subjects, play video games, and comment on them on YouTube.

Many personalities of Slovak show business , who made a name for themselves on YouTube, are currently also engaged in other activities . Some have appeared in a series, filmed a movie or published a book, most also have their own fashion brand, the so-called merch . Slovak YouTubers can be versatile and these 20 most famous in Slovakia are proof of that.

Number of subscribers: 1.79 million. + gogoextra 487 thousand.

Last active: 9 months ago

Real name daniel sebastián štrauch, gogo entered the consciousness of slovak viewers when he founded the channel gogomantv in 2011. He started his youtube career by streaming video games , which he himself played and commented on at the same time.

A year later, he founded the gogoextra channel and eventually started vlogging on both . With his funny commentary not only on games, but also on his life, he gradually gained thousands of viewers. He also addressed more serious and political topics and brought the audience news from the world of books, games and movies.

Number of subscribers: 966 thousand.

Last active: 8 months ago

Peter altof was inspired by his favorite band the exploited when he came up with the alias expl0ited . He started his youtube work in 2013.

Thanks to hundreds of interesting videos about social experiments , pranks , video games and other topics, he has almost a million fans on youtube today. He wrote a book of poems and a comic and founded the wafland waffle shop, which had branches in bratislava and banská bystrica, but both were closed at the time of writing the article.

He was preparing for an mma fight during the covid-19 pandemic , but eventually withdrew from it. Although he has not been active on youtube for almost a year, he is still active on other social networks.

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